Healthy Living WK03

StudentIDWhat health benefits are associated with spirituality?  Do you agree that spirituality improves your health and your daily out look on life?  How does spirituality affect our community?
Do you believe in spirituality and if so why or why not?  Do you have any examples to share with class on how your health has improved with this connection?

Spirituality provides the health benefits of connection, of belonging, and provides a sense of purpose that is good for mental wellbeing. Some studies have shown that it is also has physical health benefits, but I do not believe that there has been sufficient evidence to link it too spirituality itself and I am inclined to think this is tied to the benefits of increased mental health and the wellbeing that brings with it.
Not being involved in any organized religion, I can only say that in moving to the Grand Rapids area I was surprised by the amount of religion I encountered on a daily basis. This area is far more religious than anything in my previous experience. I must confess that I found it slightly off-putting when I first moved here, but I know just accept it as part of the local flavor.
I am not a spiritual person in the sense that I believe there is some entity or entities looking down upon us from some otherworldly paradise. I am not a follower or proponent of any religion or temple. I do however, think that many of the spiritual teachings do touch on things that are good for us as a people and as a society; the idea of introspection, the connectivity of community, and mapping out a value system are all good things.

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