Welcome to Healthy Living

StudentIDWhy are you taking this class?  What are personal health goals you have for yourself this semester?  Share with the class!  Thank you!

Why am I taking this class? Of course there is the requirement for a Wellness elective, but that’s not really why I chose this particular class. I am a 48-year old man who is 100-pounds over my suggested weight. And while I don’t feel the suggested weight of 160 is terribly realistic (I was 170 in high school and fit), I do recognize that I’m well above my ideal. I could take Golf or First Aid, but those wouldn’t really do me much good. I need to learn to curb my excesses and discipline my lifestyle before I end up on medicines for cholesterol, diabetes, or both. This class seems to offer a whole lifestyle approach that I don’t think I would find if I took Touch Football or Swimming. It’s a change in lifestyle that I need and I think this class will help me make the decisions I need to in order to turn things around.
In the 14-weeks I’ll be in this class in would be great if I could lose some weight, even 10-pounds would be a start. I’d like to develop a weekly, or daily, workout routine/schedule. But my real goal, the thing I’d really like to get out of this class, is to develop the framework to extend my healthy living beyond this class and learn how to get healthy and stay healthy. I mean, I do heating and cooling for a living and I don’t have any delusions that I’ll be retiring before I’m 70. I’d like to have the know-how and the tools to ensure I can still heft a ladder until the day I retire. My livelihood depends on it.

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