A Whole Campaign, Just Like That

So using my 1-Level Adventure template I came up with an entire campaign in 22 game sessions. The outline is deliberately vague, wouldn’t want to let any secrets loose that players might see. And there’s three blank spots that I might fill, or I may have those authored by players. I have ideas both ways. Either way they transition the game from one phase into the next. Here’s what I’m thinking.
START – Character creation and introductory ‘bonding’ battle
1 – Hunt for the map
2 – Quest for the vault
3 – To find the vault key
4 – Into the vault
5 – Delivery of the vault prize
6 – Character #1 background story adventure
7 –
8 –
9 – Character #2 background story adventure
10 –
11 – Rebellion: the people rise
12 – Character #3 background story adventure
13 – To save a sovereign
14 – Rebellion becomes war
15 – Character #4 background adventure
16 – Lake of blood
17 – Clouds of blood
18 – Character #5 background adventure
19 – Vale of blood
20 – Battle of the sun
END – The final conflict and campaign wrap-up
I’d run this in my Baenrahl setting if I could run it. But that leads to a whole other set of problems. Principle amongst these is that I live in Grand Rapids, on the west side of Michigan, and everyone I know that games lives on the east side of Michigan. Effectively a 3-hour drive away.
So I’d need five players, but who? I have thoughts on this as well. I could use my usual group; Denis, Doug, Joel, Kevin, and Tasha. That would bring with it ease, familiarity, and all the usual shenanigans that plague our game sessions and old campaigns. I could run it for our kids; Tasha, Kirra, Eric, Tyler, and Zachary. That would be new and cool, but comes with a whole new set of organizational problems. Or I could try and find new players here in the Grand Rapids area, an intimidating idea.
Finding a new group would be a mildly intimidating affair, full of strangers with playing styles I’m not familiar with or possibly comfortable about. It would more than likely involve a weeding out process that could take quite a while to find a group that I enjoyed. On the other hand, I’d meet some people out here and potentially create some new friends and provide a social outlet for the lady and I.
Gaming with the kids means finding a place to game. I’m not fool enough to think they’d come out here once a month. And scheduling around school, jobs, and social lives with a group that spans 16-20 years old just sounds intimidating. I wouldn’t even consider going to the boys house, despite the nice size basement, the whole ex- thing is too weird and to potentially volatile. Kirra and Eric have an apartment, but I don’t know if they have a table. Lots of problems with that idea, but it would be cool if I could pull it off. Maybe I could work something over the internet, which I really don’t want to do if I’m doing this.
My old group. Could I get them to come here once a month? Probably not. I don’t want to play at Kevin’s, there just isn’t the room. And as I mentioned I want to do this at a table, like in the olden days. Denis has less room than Kevin. Joel is another hour out past everyone else, but I guess that’d be a possibility. Doug has a big basement and I seem to recall him clearing room for gaming down there, is that still the case? I don’t know. Would he host once a month? If I travelled the game would have to move to Saturday’s, would that work for everyone? If I go out to that side of the state what do I do with my dog? So many questions and no answers.
Ah well, it’s something to think about. It may never happen.

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  1. Your idea sounds intriguing. I would think that the group may be willing to travel out there once a month. And I would consider hosting — I think the wife and kids would prefer that — but I’d need to overhaul the basement again (which is more likely now that the weather’s warming up).
    It’s worth at least discussing in the group.