Happy Valentines Day to my love, Tasha.
Tasha bought me a Xbox 360 as a Valentine’s present. She’s known that I’ve been wanting a gaming system and made the decision for me that I was unable to make. Which was very nice of her and I am very happy with this gift.
I’d been struggling with the idea that three of my friends have Play Station 3 systems and one has a Xbox 360 (but it’s mostly for his kids). And as such it doesn’t make sense to buy a Xbox 360. But I HATE the PS3 controller and I don’t give a good god damn about the blueray player and my kids have a Xbox 360. Not that I’ll ever actually play a game with any of these people. We all just like different kinds of games. So Tasha in her infinite wisdom made the call for me. She rocks. And now I have a Xbox 360 Pro. Very Cool Beans.
Additionally, we picked up Madden 2009 and a second controller. I doubt she’ll play football with me, but the system came with Lego Indy and Kung Fu Panda, maybe she’ll try one of those. Plus there’s bound to be something in the Marketplace that we’ll want to play.

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