C&P: Dressed for Success

2 January 2009
Vandal Blast 12I filled out most of the Hero Registration forms on the bus. I still needed a name, a handle, an alias, whatever they call them. My thoughts were buzzing. Excitement. Anticipation. And now that I was on the way, just a touch of uncertainty. Sure, I’d been dreaming of this all my life. It was what I wanted. The propaganda sounded good. “An entire city and its beleaguered citizens are in desperate need of heroes.” I had the power. I had the talent. I had the heart. I was a hero. And like the paper said, “Paragon City was calling for me.” But I couldn’t help but wonder, could I measure up to the standards set by the great heroes of Paragon City’s golden age? Did I have the right stuff? SERAPH thought I did and they were the professionals, right. Things would be great. I could do this.
I got off the bus and went straight to the Icon store. I’d been doing my hero thing in jeans, a hoodie, and a simple black plastic mask back in AA. That wasn’t going to cut it here in the big time. I had to look the part when I showed up at SERAPH. I’d been thinking something bold. Primary colors. Something that shouted ‘HERO’ to the world and made the villains cower. But after looking at costume ideas and speaking with one of the image specialists, Serge, I realized there is a lot of that here in the city and not all of it is well done. Apparently, not all of the heroes here are willing to listen to the advice of the professionals. I didn’t want to be one of those.
I didn’t have a symbol or a logo or even a decent alias, so there wasn’t much to start with. I knew I wanted traditional, and traditional means tights. You’ve got to be a real man to wear tights. So that’s where we started. And I’d always hated that mask, just makes it hard to see. So the mask was out. I liked the vandal design and Serge convinced me that earth-tones could be heroic. When I walked out of there I had a costume and a name, Vandal Blast.
The costume is the latest in technology and materials. Some sort of polymer microfiber or some such. They tell me it can take just about any kind of abuse without ripping, tearing, or wearing through. It won’t burn or freeze. It’s some pretty impressive stuff.
The name, well, I hope it’ll be known city wide soon enough.
Here’s a peek at the new threads.I couldn’t have put it together without Serge, so I want to send out a shout to him and all the good people over at Icon.