Today, I wrote over 3,000 words of fiction based on gaming. No, not Champions Online, I cancelled that subscription last Wednesday, the thrill has slipped away once again. What I’m talking about is Dungeons & Dragons. I hadn’t played or run a game in 10 years or more, before yesterday, that is. And today I wrote up a fictionalized recap of the groups adventures, 3000 words worth. The funny thing is that I gave up gaming to concentrate on writing. And then I stopped doing both…¬†Well, it’s funny to me in an ironic sort of way. I’m going to polish it a bit and then I’ll throw it up here for anyone who might be interested.
Or if you’d rather, you can always check out what’s going on in that game at the Obsidian Portal, Warlock’s Cauldron page. And I’ve added a link to to the campaign in the Games / Roleplaying section at the top of the page.