The Guardians Rediscovered

I was looking through some old stuff and I found this little thing I put together from some Bruce Timm style character templates. It’s from back in the day, when I played in a superhero RPG. I don’t remember the system; it may have been Mutants & Masterminds. Anyway, these were our characters… that’s me right up front, because, well, I made the thing.
So that’s a thing. No biggie, I’ve seen it a hundred times and might even have put it up on the blog at some point in the past.
But this. This, I don’t remember even making. It might have been done during my first romance with Champions Online or possibly when I was writing An Unnecessary Hero.
The team is slightly rearranged and the costumes are altered to the constrictions of Champions Online, but I think the characters themselves are pretty identifiable between the two images. Except maybe the blue female hero, her lack of a costume always bugged me, even when we were roleplaying. So she get’s a costume.
Just goes to show that I don’t ever throw out an idea; I just forget what I was going to do with them.