valiant_ronnValiant is the end product of a secret research project, ADAM (Advanced Deoxyribonucleic Acid Manipulation), designed to create a more perfect human being. Using gene splicing and DNA modification the scientists in charge of ADAM hoped to create the perfect human being, one stronger, more durable, and resistant to disease and infection. ADAM’s goal was to create a being which would be the next step in human evolution. Due to worldwide bans on human genetic experimentation and fear of government interference the ADAM project was moved to a super-technology space station. There on January 19th, 1972 the project gave birth to experiment a231, a baby boy.
The scientist’s were pleased with the results of the experiment, nearly all of the genetic changes they had designed were successful. But they soon realized that something was causing continued genetic activity that they had not seen previously. After nearly two years of testing the child they determined that the cosmic rays that bombarded the spacestation were the cause of this continued modification of the childs DNA. Fascinated, they began to run even more tests on the child.
One of the ADAM scientists, Phillip Randall, was appalled by this and felt he had no other recourse than to rescue the child from this fate, a fate no human should have to endure. He smuggled the child away from the lab, abandoning his research and his position, and smuggled the child back to Earth. In order to hide the boy from the ADAM security personnel Randall gave the child to his cousin, Donald Bruce and his wife Thelma, who adopted the boy and named him Kent. The Bruce’s lovingly raised the child to be a good citizen and a nice guy. They raised him along side their own daughter and gave him a life full with friends, family, and a good dose of Midwestern values.
Kent spent his youth in rural Indiana on the family farm; he went to public schools and was popular among the locals. His natural physique allowed him to excel in athletics. Thus, despite the low profile he was encouraged to maintain by his parents, he was granted a football scholarship at the local university where he excelled athletically but was a struggling student.
Kent became a college quarterback with a promising future in the pros. At the height of his career, his super-powers began to manifest in unexpected and very public displays of strength and durability. In his final game against UCLA three of the opposing team’s players suffered serious injury due to his abilities. The NCAA and the fans were aghast that a “super” would play in the sport against “normals.” He was disgraced and expelled, his scholarship revoked.
Unsure where to go and what to do he drifted from job to job, helping those he came across and trying to make some sense of his life, all the while he studied newspaper and television reports on the heroes of New York, Metropolis, and Gotham and decided that it was the role he belonged in. Unsure of where to go, he began his heroing carrier in Coast City.
Kent soon uncovered a plot by Carcinogen and the Human Liberation Organization to assassinate the President and Vice President of the United States. With his powers now in full bloom he quickly foiled the plot and became an overnight sensation.
Taking the name Valiant, and a costume designed by his sister, Kent cashed in on his fame while battling the HLO. Valiant enjoyed the publicity, and began to endorse several products, becoming the first hero in the Midwest to get rich in this way. He spurned disreputable companies and selfish causes, but his endorsements of products and commercial ambitions were met with disdain by other heroes.
The original Valiant Enterprises recently gave way to Valiant International (VI), located in a refurbished mansion in Central City. In addition to handling Valiant’s endorsements, VI handles fund raising for a variety of causes. Currently VI is pulling itself out from scandal and struggling to pull itself out of bankruptcy.
A brave hero, Valiant has aided several superhero groups in battles against villains and madmen, but is currently not in the active ranks of any particular group. Valiant came up against the Asesinos in Millennium City and was invited to join the newly reformed Champions by James Harmon IV. The other members of the Champions rejected Valiant, not liking his practice of endorsing products. Valiant then proved his worth in by defeating the Royal Flush Gang, and joined the JLA for a short period of time. In Detroit he tackled the organization known as T.O.T.E.M. with the DNAgents, but left them shortly afterward.
Since then, Valiant has spent most of his time with get-rich-quick schemes, trying to rebuild the financial empire he lost due to carelessness after his sister died. He’s tried marketing a line of Justice Inc. products, running a south-western restaurant with former team mate Dark Knight, and many other schemes, all of which have ended in failure and ridicule. After watching many of his teammates suffer extreme injuries at the hands of the Spawn, Valiant has limited his commercial activities and refocused on his heroic persona.
Valiant has been romantically linked to the heroine Dove, though it’s believed that this relationship has come to an end.
Valiant feels he is out of place in this world, but he also realizes he can help it. Rather than use his powers to impose his will on others, he has chosen to be a gentle guardian, pledging never to kill anyone, or ignore the laws that govern the free will of nations. Sometimes it’s difficult for him to remain detached, especially when he sees the effects that bad policies have on the planet. Even as Valiant there’s not much he can do about that, though he does champion the fight of the common man through his many media appearances. In some ways the good Valiant does in the media is just as meaningful as any of his heroic feats. Valiant is out to make a name for himself, but not if that gets in the way of helping people. He often stays around to share a word with the media after a battle. Some people treat Valiant with suspicion, believing that a man as selfless and good as he must have an awful lot to hide. Some people even fear him, dreading the day that Valiant will turn to the “dark side” and decide that the world is not fit to govern itself, and that what it needs is him. Foolish as that is, being a rather powerful hero, some paranoid souls are inclined to think the worst.
Vigil & Virtue
Vigil & Virtue, Ian & Barbra Parker, are a brother and sister team of crime fighters. Both are just out of their teens and full of youthful enthusiasm. They were trained by Valiant during the time that he resided in Capitol City.
Valiant was respectful of their decision to go it alone. Like any teacher he knew his pupils had to graduate sometime and watched them go with a mixture of pride and regret. Now in their new roles as full fledged crime-fighters they still occasionally team up with their one-time mentor, but Valiant often finds his one-time pupils have new, and in some cases radically different crime fighting ideas of their own.
The pair is quickly establishing themselves in Capitol City as a young, powerful and mysterious force for good.
Phillip “Doc” Randall
The brilliant Professor Randall is general director of F.O.C.A.L. (Farad Optical Component Advancement Labs), a Nobel prize winner many times over, and one of the remaining scientists who worked on the ADAM project. Randall has developed much of the super-technology that, with the right legislation, will make Central City a true city of the future. He’s a close friend of Valiant’s and was instrumental in rescuing the child from the orbital lab where he was created. And placing him with the family of his cousin. Randall has virtually no life outside of his lab. He lives and breathes science and his dialogue is peppered with techno-jargon. In fact, when explaining how a new invention works, Randall will use so many obscure technical terms that people often wind up asking him for an English translation. Truth be told, Randall’s much more comfortable around computers and machines than he is around people.
Benjamin Wainwright
Little Benjamin is the only child of a working mother and is determined that his match with his Big Brother Valiant will be the longest one ever in the history of Big Brothers Big Sisters.
Benjamin is a bright, charismatic, 8-year-old who enjoys any challenge. He is blessed with the spirit of youth and the passion to learn, which Valiant is eager to share. He is a great kid, and will someday will be a great man.
Ben and Valiant have a terrific friendship and get together to talk, work out problems, and have fun at least once a week. In their years together, he and Valiant have taught each other a great deal.
Donna Anders
Donna is the woman who heads up the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization that Valiant is apart of. Donna is like an aunt to Valiant and he is hard pressed to tell her no when it comes to helping her kids. They have a good relationship, though she feels he could be doing far more good in the world if he would give up this superhero business, as she considers it folly, and little more than an excuse to go get into fist-fights.
Richard Parks
Rich is one of Valiant’s old college buddies, something of a tag along. He never got drafted into the NFL and has tied himself to Valiant as something of a hanger on. This is fine with Valiant as he enjoys the roughneck humor of his longtime friend and confidant, along with the ties to his small town roots. Though, he does wish Rich was a bit more discrete about their relationship, as it tends to put him in harms way quite often..


Dove is the crime fighting partner of the Dark Knight. Though she and Dark Knight do not have a romantic relationship, they are very close. Dove and Valiant have been romantically linked in the past, and some romantic feelings still exist between the two, though it’s believed that this relationship has come to an end.
Dove is a “super” with the ability to fly. She is currently based in Detroit, Michigan.
The Spawn
Some sort of plasma based creature from the dark side of the moon, probably of alien nature. Valiant most recently fought this beast with the aid of Justice Inc. in a battle that resulted in Valiant’s renewed interest in heroing and much harm to his former team.
Dark Knight
Friend, business partner, and sometime rival. He and Valiant have had more than their share of tussles. Radically different styles of crime fighting and a strange relationship triangle with the heroine, Dove, have lead to many disputes. But they’re common interests have always outweighed their personal differences. Dark Knight is currently based in Detroit, Michigan.
Scarlet Raptor
This former hero has taken the “heroing for profit” thing to a whole other level. He has turned to a life of crime and personal profit. Though he has never hurt anyone in his crime sprees with each new endeavor he takes greater and greater risks to the lives of innocents. Valiant hopes to stop his former companion before he does.
Dr. Mystery
This noble hero is Valiant’s revered mentor. Though he has no superhuman powers, he is just and honorable, with a single-minded drive to protect the helpless. He uses common sense, quick thinking, and an arsenal of inventions in his pursuit of justice. He is mainly retired now and is the third partner in Planet Hero. Dr. Mystery is currently based in Coast City.
This super-vampire is nearly a match for Valiant in strength and resiliency. Vlad is one of the Dark Knights greatest foes, and a would-be suitor to Dove. Two things that have caused Vlad and Valiant to cross paths in the past. Vlad is consumed by the desire to possess Dove, to destroy the proprietors of Planet Hero, and to create a breed of vampires to enslave the humans of earth. He is currently in the Detroit area.
Mr. Miracle
A close friend and comrade of Valiant’s from his days with the West Coast Avengers. Mr. Miracle is a teleporting hero with a few additional gadgets and an uncanny “miracle” sense.
Miracle turned down the chance to be a partner in Planet Hero, and any number of Valiant’s other get-rich schemes as he always does, with a quick smile and a shake of the head.    Reactra
This stunning beauty is as deadly as she is gorgeous. Capable of shooting waves of radiation from her eyes, and permeated with atomic energy that boosts her strength, endurance, and speed. Reactra is one hot villain, and despite they’re opposing stance on the law and personal freedoms. She and Valiant seem to be attracted to one another like opposite magnetic charges. On more than one occasion they have exchanged a kiss before or after a fierce battle.
Formally, the Wasp, she is a member of Justice Inc., Wasp was seriously injured by the Spawn. She lost most of her powers, and was only able to return to the role of the costumed avenger when Valiant used what was left of his personal fortune to commission a super-powered bodysuit for her. She has since taken on the persona of Damselfly.
Not all of ADAM’s projects have been shut down, and most of those that are still active are designed to recoup on the loss of their greatest success, Valiant. Fallout is a top of the line super-technology android designed to capture and return Valiant to the ADAM scientist for further study. Programmed to take advantage of Valiant’s weaknesses and bring him back to the lab.