Do You See the Issue?

Do you remember this post from September, Eye Issue? Well, if not I won’t be surprised. My right eyelid is all jacked up again. It started last night after I left the warehouse, so maybe I’ve just got some grit stuck in there. Whatever the case, I’m not loving it. I called the doctor’s office twice today, but the hold time was longer than my patience.

that was then: 09-19-2017
this is now: 04-11-2019

It’s not the eye itself, but is most definitely the eyelid. A little red, a little swollen, a little sore, and the best, most annoying part is that the swelling changes the angle of my eyelashes so that they are pointing down. It’s like looking through a curtain.

It can’t be too obvious, because I’ve only had everyone I’ve met today ask me what’s wrong with my eye. If it’s not looking better tomorrow morning I’m going to have to see the doctor… I don’t want to go all weekend like this. Later.