Friday morning we left for our family vacation with the youngest son suffering from the lingering symptoms of a typical summer cold: sore throat, runny nose, yadda, yadda, yadda. He survived the trip and once the tissues were cleared out of the car, we were none-the-worse-for-wear. He kept up with the festivities and I didn’t hear a complaint from him.

Maybe it was the all night drive or it was just my turn in the cue, but he seems to have passed it to me and no one else. We’re a week back and I’ve heard no reports of anyone else being sick. And I have most definitely been sick with a classic summer cold.

It crept up on me Tuesday afternoon, feeling like a ball of mucus growing in the back of my throat throughout the later half of the day. In keeping with my usual routine, I dosed up with some vitamins and put myself to bed. This usually lets me head this sort of thing off before it gets out of control. Liquids, sleep, and cold medicine. I took some Mucinex and slept through the night, took some DayQuil, and headed off to work.

Rinse and repeat through Friday.

I made it through the week without having to take any more time off and managed to get all my end-of-month work done, but I haven’t gotten much of anything else done. To make matters worse, by Friday night getting to sleep was very difficult. I was overly rested but still hacking up mucus and taking the decongestants. This are much improved today, but what is the deal with food? Why does eating stimulate mucus production? It kinda sucks.

It must be going around, though. I heard from a bunch of people last week about others suffering from the same sort of thing. So wash your hands often, cover your mouth when you cough, and if you can, stay home when you’re sick. That’s my advice for you. Later.

trying to get comfortable

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