Happy New Year. It’s 2020. There have been a lot of predictions about this year. Heck, I even wrote a novel that takes place later this year. So I guess what I’m saying is that we all have cyberpunks, vampires, and dragons to look forward too.

is this our new world?

Most everything I know about 2020 comes from the Cyberpunk rpg. Which means that the world is run by Megacorps, netrunning is a thing, and cybernetics are the way to survive.

A bit of research reveals that there is more than one possible now. 2020 is a big deal in fiction. Apparently, all of these other things take place in 2020:

  • The film Mission to Mars is set in 2020
  • The film Reign of Fire is set in 2020
  • According to the film, I, Robot, the U.S.R. robotics company is founded in 2020.
  • The film Thunderbirds is set in 2020.
  • The film Real Steel is set in 2020.
  • The film Annihilation Earth is set in 2020.
  • On televisions, Dark Angel, both the second half of Season One and first half of Season Two are set in 2020.
  • The docudrama Supervolcano is set in 2020.
  • In the television series Dollhouse, the events of the series finale take place in 2020.

I guess what I’m saying is, there have been a lot of predictions made for 2020 and it has always felt like the distant future to me. But here it is. It’s now. Welcome to the future.

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