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Here at arohen.com we develop ideas and craft conversations in words, images, audio, and video. Our work has a random, eclectic quality that keeps it from standing out amongst the plethora of choices you have for your daily internet browsing, whether at work or at home. Still, we like to think that you’ll find our genuine sincerity and appealing, earthy personality compelling enough to make us a regular stop, time and time again.

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“Did you post this to Facebook?Are you on Facebook? People would have an easier time finding your stuff if you were on Facebook. Nobody is going to come here to see your site. You really should be on Facebook.”


“Lessons learned and life lived… Thanks to arohen.com I’ve come to realize that it takes two wipes to know you needed three wipes, but three wipes to know you only needed two. Keep up the great work.”


“I tried listening to the wordcast thing, but it’s just you talking. I do like the pictures though. How are Heidi and the kids? Love you. Call me later, I don’t have anything planned after cards with the girls.”