2018 Begins

Happy New Year to everybody. Thanks for spending some part of the past year reading my stuff and looking at my pictures. Hopefully, you got something out of coming around here, even if it was just a laugh every now and then. With the new host and the new site, I’m hoping to come up with new and better content to keep you coming back.
I didn’t post any sort of 2017 wrap-up. It was that kind of year for me, lots of good intentions, not nearly enough time or action. Honestly, it all just kinda seems like a blur; it went by so fast.
The new year has begun for all of us, and for me, it has some things in store.

  • The youngest boy will be graduating high school.
  • Lady Ronn will get her degree.
  • I turn 50.
  • The bathroom will get finished… probably… maybe… I hope.
  • My sister-in-law is getting married.
  • and I’ll probably have to get a new roof on the house.

So, there are things. Things will definitely happen this year. I guarantee it.
I want to do more podcasts, get back to making YouTube videos, and improve the content of both. I’m going to work at writing more substantive posts and doing less rambling. I haven’t figured out my niche quite yet, but if I keep throwing things at the wall eventually something is bound to stick. So no resolutions, but plenty of good intentions for 2018.
Here’s wishing everyone a pleasant and prosperous new year, a year full of love and happiness, and a year where you get all the things done you have planned. I’ve got to go change my diet and take a trip to the gym before I throw out all the junk in our pantry and deposit some cash into our savings. Later.