I’ve always liked the German editions of the Dray Prescot series. They look something like this:
So I was sitting around the other day, bored and listless, and I decided to create a little homage to that cover. I decided my Gard Sabre idea would be a nice choice for that homage. And while I continue my search for the perfect art for each of these covers, I think you’ll get the idea. Some are better than others and the conformity I’d like isn’t quite there, but I’m pretty happy with the results. So I present to you the complete, unwritten saga of Gard Sabre.
As usual, none of the art is mine and I have no claim on it.
GardSabre_01 GardSabre_02 GardSabre_03 GardSabre_04 GardSabre_05 GardSabre_06 GardSabre_07 GardSabre_08 GardSabre_09 GardSabre_10 GardSabre_112 GardSabre_12

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