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  • Made It All The Way Around

    Here I’m singin’ happy birthdayBetter think about the about the wish I makeThis year gone by ain’t been a piece of cakeEveryday’s a revolutionPull it together and it comes undoneJust one more candle and a trip around the sunI’m just hangin’ on while this old world keeps spinningAnd it’s good to know it’s out of […]

  • Working Around the House

    I haven’t posted much lately. This is because I’ve been keeping myself busy with house maintenance stuff. It’s too hot to go outside, so the garage is not any different than it was before the electrical panel was installed. This causes some distress, but it’s even hotter in the garage than it is outside… So, […]

  • Dates Have Been Set

    More updates on the home improvement front. Today, I took phone calls about both the roof and the electrical upgrade. They’ll be here to start on the roof next week Wednesday and expect it to take two days. The utility company has scheduled the electrical work for the first day of July. And as I […]

  • Barely Hair

    In preparing myself for another day of waiting for work, I looked in the mirror and thought my son had the right idea. Then I took out my beard trimmer, because I never did find my hair clipper, and went to work. I like to think of this as the covid cut. Lady Ronn offered […]

  • Work Update

    Logged in to work this morning to check on things and found an email from somewhere up the chain. Apparently, we’re calling this scenario a reduced work schedule. Which is a pretty accurate, if you ask me. What with my workload having been reduced to nothing. The good news, no layoff. The bad news, half […]

  • Out of Work

    Well, it was bound to happen. I may be considered an essential worker, but most all of my customers have instructed that I should only respond to emergency work orders, and there haven’t been any of those in a while. Today, two things happened. The first, was that I finished up the last three outstanding […]

  • Covid-19

    The pandemic finally hit home for me and my family. In her last semester of college, face-to-face classes at GRCC have been canceled into April, the campus labs have been closed, and as a result, Lady Ronn, no longer has a job. Which I’m sure will in a small way impact our financial situation, the […]

  • Warm and Sunny

    Today, was a beautiful, sunny, fifty degree day here in Grand Rapids. Yesterday, was not too shabby either. It makes me impatient for spring to get here. I took advantage of the weather to straighten up the garage, get rid of some scrap, and put the finishing touches on my new lawn tractor. I arranged […]

  • Fear is Okay

    Third time is the charm, right? Let’s hope so, because this is my third attempt at giving you a blog post tonight. I wrote a post about my new custom guitar picks from Amazon, and then accidentally deleted it into oblivion. Frustrated, I wrote a post about writing the previous post and accidentally deleting it. […]

  • My Future is Electric

    Should I use money to make my life easier? Well, maybe not my life, but my chores. There is part of me that says doing these things around the yard without the benefit of power equipment is simply another way to get some exercise. And then I’m out there in 95 degree heat and 90% […]

  • Guitar.Week02

    So, I had my second guitar lesson tonight and I was told that I already sound better than I did in the first lesson. Which is good, being as I had 7-days of practice between the two lessons. I targeted for 20-30 minutes of practice a day, and I did way better than that. I […]

  • Second Attempt at Guitar

    Long ago in another time and a different place a pretty young girl bought a boy a guitar, because he thought he wanted to put music to his song lyrics and possibly become a rock n’ roll star. That guitar was a prized possession, but not a thing that was ever put to its proper […]

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