My final grade for that electronics class has posted, and as expected, I earned a grade of C. Good enough. Not great, but really, just glad to be done with that one. School’s out for me until the end of August when the winter semester stats and I’m very happy for the break.
I still haven’t finished the bathroom repair, from that leak a couple weeks back. But I am hoping to get it done this weekend while Lady Ronn is on the other side of the state at her sister’s baby shower. It should be an easy repair, so I think it’s doable.
In other news, I let the Spirit go today. It was a great car and did everything I asked of it. Most notably, getting me back and forth to GRCC for the last two years. Thanks again to my buddy Ted for hooking me up. But today I expanded my options.
I’m a car guy. I like cars and I buy cars, but the future is calling and I want to be able to go in a few different directions. I want to have my options open. So, I found a deal on a 2015 RAM ProMaster City with less than 15,000 miles on the odometer. It’s not as cool as a pick-up truck, but for the price I couldn’t get a decent pick-up. So this will get me around, with the option of doing side work if I so choose.

2015 RAM ProMaster City Tradesman Cargo SLT

As I said, this gives me options. My list, in no particular order, might look something like this. I still need to finish school. I need to get my mechanical license. I need to look into putting a business together. And I need to figure out scheduling for all of the above.  This thing will haul 1700 lbs, tow 2000 lbs, has 131³ feet of cargo space, has more than 48″ between the wheel wells, and gets better than 20 mpg in the city. Options.

I think this’ll work for me.
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