2018 Stats

Here’s my much delayed 2019 graphic and here’s hoping that everyone had a great New Year celebration and is ready to get started on 2019. If not, too bad. It’s already begun.

So, like everyone else, my email was full of year end summaries and reviews at the beginning of January. Let’s take a look at my info, or the bits that I find interesting anyway. The rest we’ll ignore. Nobody is interested in my health care summary, banking overview, or whatnot. Moving on.

Google Maps tells me that I traveled 25,141 miles in 2018. That’s about a trip around the world. And it’s no surprise to me that both my furthest and longest trip for the year was the drive south to visit my mother in Florida.

I was interested to see that I made 51 visits to The Home Depot, 33 visits to Lowe’s, and only 15 visits to Menards. All of those numbers seem very low to me, as it seems like I’m at one or more of those every day for work. It’s probable that those are numbers for individual stores, rather than for the chains as a whole.

In other Google news, I reached level 5 as a Local Guide. Yay me. I was level 4 at the end of 2017, so that’s something. Apparently, I made 310 contributions to Google; 13 reviews, 31 ratings, and more notably I answered 266 questions about various places. Somehow that puts me in the top 15% of Local Guides in Grand Rapids… must be a pretty low bar. Mostly I do restaurants, but I also answer questions about hardware stores and my client locations.

One of my favorite things is audio books. Now these numbers are from Audible and that’s an account I share with Lady Ronn, so keep that in mind as we go through this. Also, it doesn’t include anything I listened to on Hoopla or from my own personal collection. We’re on the 2 credits per month plan, one for me and one for her, but somehow, we managed to add 43 audio books to our collection in 2018. Must have been the sales and freebies. We listened to 354-hours, and I betting that was mostly me. I only reviewed 15 titles, but I gave star ratings to everything I listened to in 2018.

Lastly, I let the Baenrahl domain expire and I’ve deleted my Yahoo! Account (Yahoo, Flickr, whatever else that links to). I wasn’t using any of their stuff anyway and it’s all part of my half-assed internet housecleaning.

That’s enough about last year. Let’s get on with 2019.