A Beach Bar Getaway

Today we jumped on the bike and headed out on the highway, looking for adventure or whatever came our way. We ended up in Muskegon, actually that was the plan from the start, but it didn’t sound right with that first sentence.  We went to the pier, and ignoring the warning signs telling us we would die, walked out by the signal tower and sat on the rocks. It was a little cool for swimming, but I wanted to eat at Captain Jack’s before they closed for the winter, so we had lunch there. It’s a very nice little beach pavillion style bar; think food, drink, volleyball, fun in the sun, and live music. It’s a little far from the water which is kind of hidden by the tall beach grass. There was a boy girl duo playing fiddle and guitar playing beach music on the deck. The food was pretty good and not too expensive. But damn is that a long ride on the bike. I really need to get a windscreen and maybe a bigger seat for the lady passenger stuck on the back. I think this was the first time we’ve gone to the beach without the dog, and it was kinda nice to not have to worry about a wet sandy animal on the ride home. It was cool. We’ll be back for the party next summer.
I spent a little time playing Diablo 2 with Denis and Joel this evening. I gotta say, my eyes aren’t good enough to play this game on my monitor. I’m running at a resolution of 1920×1200 and the game was designed to run at 800×600 or maybe 1024×768. Even with the hi-res patch my character is a tiny little fella. Playing with these two reminds me of some of the problems we had playing Anarchy Online, mainly my desire to kill things and their desire for me to slow down and stick with the group. And a general conflict of interests, or should I say goals. But it was a good time and the latest version of Skype seemed to hold up well over the conference call.
Tomorrow is the holiday. I hope you enjoy yours. I’m just glad for the day off and the short week.