A Little Under the Weather

I stayed home from work today. Had a bit of sickness going on this morning. All of the major illness indicators were acting up, sore throat, headache, stomach problems. I stayed in bed until 1:30 and I feel quite a bit better now, though I still didn’t want to eat dinner.
Sat down to do the writing thing tonight and ran smack into a research problem. I can’t really finish the end of the book until I finish the transition from the original story to the expanded version. But, I can’t write that until I know what’s going on in Detroit. So I took some time today to figure out where I was taking Thane on his little hunt to find Sherice. Looks like he’s going to end up at the Penobscot Building right in the heart of Detroit. Anyway, that took a bit of research and I didn’t get much writing done today, 222 words.
I’ll hit it much harder tomorrow. I’m still 1,902 words ahead of my mark for the year.