Almost Forgot To Post This

Firstly, I must confess that I neither started early enough nor worked hard enough to accomplish my goal of completing the main bathroom in our house. I had 9-days and that should have been plenty, but through a series of discouragements, demotivations, and distractions things did not progress quite as planned. I’m not saying nothing got done, but not enough got done. And I’m fine with that.

Have I mentioned how much I dislike finishing drywall? Yeah. Yeah. Join the club. I know it’s a big club, but I’m definitely in it. Hanging drywall is okay, what with all the cutting and fitting and screwing; it’s the rest that is miserable. Mixing the mud is messy. Waiting for the premixed stuff to cure takes forever. Getting the tape to not bubble or keeping the mesh from coming through the mud is a pain in the ass. Spreading the mud and smoothing the mud always seem okay, but then you realize what a shit-job you’ve done of it. Which leads to the scraping and the sanding. Oh how miserable is the sanding? Pretty damn miserable. Drywall dust is everywhere. Sure it’s in the bathroom, that’s where the work is being done, but it spreads, and spreads some more. I think every surface in my house has a coat of fine white powder on it.  And the sanding takes forever. Every time you think you’re good to prime you find some little section that needs to be touched up, top coated, or sanded out. Every time. And I haven’t even gotten to priming yet… once you’ve primed, then you see how all that time and effort you spent in getting the drywall ready to prime wasn’t enough. Because apparently you were drunk if you thought these walls were done. Just look at that mess. Go get the knife and the mud and fix all those spots. So disappointed in you.
And that’s how I feel about drywall. But I got a lot done and it mostly looks pretty good.
I’d show pictures, but it doesn’t look that different. However, I am at the point now where I’m just touching up the rough spots, filling in the small bits in the corners, and tidying up everything for the primer. There’s still a good bit of sanding to do, but it really is almost done. At this point I’m using the premixed topping mud to fix the little things, and while it takes 24-hours to dry, it really is a lot more convenient to use and helps me knock out these small flaws.
Hopefully, I’ll be priming next weekend.