And A Little Something More 4 U

Today, I pulled out a heat pump that we installed a few weeks ago. Just a little one. Kinda like the in wall AC units you see on TV. Only this one is a heat pump, which means you use the refrigerant to heat rather than cool. Anyway, to make a long description less long, I think I agree with our senior service guy, heat pumps are not the way to go in Michigan. It’s just too damn cold here for them. You need a little more temperate climate to really make them work. Anyway, I think the boss has already resold it, so I’ll probably be putting it in somebody elses house in a week or so. I hope they’re happier with it than the last guy was.

Pager just went off twice. Once to say some dude had no heat. Then 5-minutes later to say, ignore that last page. Being on-call isn’t so bad.

Just three more days of school. Well, two actually, I won’t be there on Wednesday because I get to go to the dentist. Thursday almost doesn’t count either because I go in take my exam and then head to my girlfriends house… no wait, I don’t do that because I don’t have a girlfriend anymore. I guess I’ll come home and post about the last day instead. But I’ve a hunch I know what I’ll be thinking about. *Sigh* Maybe to work through this I should write another post about how this is all for the best. If I keep telling myself that, eventually I’ll believe it.

I wonder if I could get my artist friend to redo my lion? I worked on it again on Sunday but I keep finding myself unsatisfied with the result. I’m probably going to have to go and have a pro do it up right. Wonder how much that’ll cost? Ah well, if I get it done right, then I can get a hat made 🙂

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  1. Hey. I’ve got some new vector drawing software if you want me to give a try at getting your lion drawn up. Just sayin’.

  2. Vector my logo… sounds kinda dirty but I just might let you give it a try.