Today has been mostly a wash, but I did get the shelves along the front wall populated. The paint has cured and I feel safe filling it up. ¬†I still have a large sailboat and eagle, neither of which do I have any idea where to put. Perhaps I will have to build something ūüėČ

front wall shelves

Yesterday, I went to Ball Park Floral and did some work for them, they want to clear their front wall and put up some pallet wood. I went and took down a section around one window and was able to get a better idea as to how much work it will be to finish. Afterwords, Lady Ronn and I ran some errands and then finally made it to Stella’s Lounge, home of the best burger in America as voted by GQ ¬†in 2012¬†and Best in Grand Rapids by the readers of¬†Grand Rapids Magazine¬†(January 2014 and 2015!) and¬†On the Town¬†(August 2014).¬†It was good stuff. We were going to follow that up with a walk around¬†Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts, but it started raining. So we skipped it.

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