Certified HVAC Guy Says…

I’ve finished my HVAC certification program at Northwestern Technological Institute. I’m done. Finish. Completed. And yet, it feels empty. This may be because the school basically gives you a manila folder full of resumes and says “see ya”. My instructor did bring in Dunkin’ Donuts, but that’s not really what I was looking for. How about some sort of cap and gown fandango. Nah that’d be weird.

So what’s next for me. Well, Saturday I take the certification test for the new blended refrigerants, 410A in particular. Then I’ll get my NATE certification in April. And then go for my Mechanical License in June. In the mean time I need to decide if I’m going to stay with Nichols. Which means I really need to talk to my boss tomorrow. He did the run out of the office thing again today. Why can’t this ever be easy…

After class today I went with about ten of the guys to TGIFriday’s and we had some drinks, some food, and some laughs. After spending 10-months with these guys I’m gonna miss ’em and wonder what they’ll be doing in six months.

Oh hey, I almost forgot to mention, I had another teacher approach me about teaching at the school today. So I’ve now got two instructors pushing for them to hire me. That’s a good feeling. Nice to know that somebody wants me. I think I’d be a damn good fit there at the school.

I had worked myself up to going over and getting my 10-minutes last night, but after thinking about it and looking inside myself I realize that I can’t make her come to me and she doesn’t want me to go to her so I’m gonna let it lie. It’s kinda the whole “if you love someone let them go, if they don’t come back it wasn’t meant to be” sort of thing. Maybe one day I’ll get a call, letter, or email from her, but maybe not. I’m okay with that, I’ve got my memories, a stack of letters, and a couple nice photos to look back on. So needless to say, I didn’t go over there today. It’s a little sad, but what do you do.

Is it summer yet? I really want to take the bike out and just cruise out into the country. Doesn’t that sound good. Warm sun, the hum of the motor, and the wind in your face. Good God I can’t wait until summer.

I’m on-call again tonight but thus far the pager has been quiet.

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