Collecting My Influences

Found a nice collection of the Dray Prescot books on ebay. These were one of the biggest influences on me back in Middle School. I know they’re deriviative of the John Carter of Mars books and all the planetary romance that came before, but for me this was the one. I tried the Mars books, the Gor books, and the others, but it was the Dray Prescot series that swept me off to another world and fueled my dreams. When I saw this collection of the first 34 books all together (except #31) I knew this was the collection for me. These are available in an omnibus collection, and I have them all as ebooks, but these are just like the ones I read as a kid. The cover art. The feel of them. The look of them all together on the shelf. Everyone of these takes me away to another world. And as an added bonus, 32 of the 33 books are first printings. I’m as giddy as a school girl.
The Dray Prescot series by Alan Burt Akers / Dray Prescot (Ken Bulmer)

Ken Bulmer
Kenneth Bulmer (1921-2005)

The Delian Cycle (#1-5)
Transit to Scorpio
The Suns of Scorpio
Warrior of Scorpio
Swordships of Scorpio
Prince of Scorpio
The Havilfar Cycle (#6-11)
Manhounds of Antares
Arena of Antares
Fliers of Antares
Bladesman of Antares
Avenger of Antares
Armada of Antares
The Krozair Cycle (#12-14)
The Tides of Kregen
Renegade of Kregen
Krozair of Kregen
The Vallian Cycle (#15-18)
Secret Scorpio
Savage Scorpio
Captive Scorpio
Golden Scorpio
The Jikaida Cycle (#19-22)
A Life for Kregen
A Sword for Kregen
A Fortune for Kregen
A Victory for Kregen
The Spikatur Cycle (#23-26)
Beasts of Antares
Rebel of Antares
Legions of Antares
Allies of Antares
The Pandahem Cycle (#27-32)
Mazes of Antares
Delia of Vallia
Fires of Scorpio
Talons of Scorpio
 Masks of Scorpion
Seg the Bowman
The Witch War Cycle (#33-37)
Werewolves of Kregen
Witches of Kregen
 Storm over Vallia
 Omens of Kregen
 Warlord of Antares
Those grey italicized books are the ones I’m missing. And then there are the German books, which I’ve never read, and I don’t know if they were ever published in english. I’m going to have to look into that. I’d love to find these in english.
The Lohvian Cycle (#38-43)
Scorpio Reborn
Scorpio Assassin
Scorpio Invasion
Scorpio Ablaze
Scorpio Drums
Scorpio Triumph
The Balintol Cycle (#44-49)
Intrigue of Antares
Gangs of Antares
Demons of Antares
Scourge of Antares
Challenge of Antares
Wrath of Antares
The Spectre Cycle (#50-53)
Shadows over Kregen
Murder on Kregen
Turmoil on Kregen
Betrayal on Kregen
From Wikipedia
The series consists of eleven cycles (the last is unfinished), four stand-alone novels, and three stand-alone short stories. The first thirty-seven volumes were published by DAW Books from December 1972 – April 1988; print editions of the later volumes were initially published solely in German translation by Wilhelm Heyne Verlag from 1991–1998. English language ebooks of volumes 38–41 were later issued by the now-defunct electronic publisher Savanti from September 1995 – December 1998; ebooks of volumes 1–52 have since been issued by another electronic publisher, Mushroom eBooks. Publication was interrupted for close to six years between volumes 45 and 46 due to family illness and difficulty in locating the manuscripts.[3] As of 5 February 2014 it was reported that all the missing manuscripts had been found except that for Demons of Antares (Book 46), which was being translated back into English from the German version, a process then “almost finished.” Publication of the volume followed in June 2014, with the remaining volumes appearing at intervals during the remainder of the year. Volume 52 was published in November 2014. Bladud Books, a sister imprint of Mushroom eBooks, has published collected omnibus editions of all volumes through the Lohvian cycle in paperback and hardback.

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