Tonight I finished watching Deadwood. I watched the last three episodes of the third and final season. It was an interesting show that I really wanted to like, but I’m not sure how much I did. I mean, I made it through three seasons; there must have been something there. But just like the show refuses to have white hats and black hats and muddies things up in shades of grey, I can say that my opinion of the show is muddy. I can’t say I liked it, but nor would I say I disliked it.
The show was too vague and uncertain for me to truly liked it. But there were definitely things about the show that I liked. And while I often found myself wondering what the hell was going on,  what the hell someone had just said, or shaking my head at the season finales; I did not dislike the show as a whole.
I like westerns. I like Timothy Olyphant and a number of the other actors. I enjoyed the characters. I’ll say that I’m glad I watched it, but I’m also ready to be moving on to something else in my queue.

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