Game Night at Schuler Books

Tonight we, the two boys, Lady Ronn, and myself all took ourselves off to the local Schuler Books. They let a local board game group, the West Michigan Tabletop Gamers, meet-up at their store the first and second Wednesdays of the month. It was our second visit to the event, and this one was more gamy for us. But we’re learning to mix in.
While we were there I slipped away and picked up a gift for Lady Ronn. Something I think she needs, because the little LED reading light she’s using now is killing me. And I gave it to her. So to replace her light I picked her up one of these. I hope she gets lots of use from it. Maybe one day she’ll be reading novels I wrote on it….

sddefault (1)The Kobo Glo, for her reading pleasure.