Happy Valentines Day

First, I’d like to take a moment and wish the countless hordes of readers to this page every day a happy Valentines Day.
My eyes are still healing from the LASIK surgery, but they are spending far more time in focus than out. I’ll find out Friday what sort of numbers my vision is reflecting. I plan on getting back to the writing tonight, but it is Valentines Day, and if I get a better proposition, *WINK* *WINK*, I may wait until tomorrow to get back to it.
I’m mostly recovered from a bout of gout that took hold on Saturday. Those pills are bane and boon, but I’d be much happier to never have to worry about it.
In other news, looks like MCI and Verizon are going to merge. Not sure what that means for my job, but it’ll be close to a year before it is all said and done.