Home At Last

Saturday morning I woke up late and had to rush to the airport. The plane, of course, was running behind schedule. When I arrived in Atlanta I was certain I’d missed my flight, but no, that plane was late as well. A classic case of hurry up and wait. When it was all said and done I was still home before noon. And glad to be there.
Tasha and I went to lunch and did some shopping then we headed home. About an hour later I’d taken some cold medicine and was in bed. I felt a bit better Sunday. Tasha made breakfast and I ate it with gusto. We walked the dog and that was too much. Spent the rest of the day lazing around the house hopped up on cold medicine. I felt better this morning, but took a 12-hour pill just to be safe. It’s worn off about now and my throat feels a bit scratchy, but I can live with it. More importantly, I can work with it.
Today, I paid off a couple more old hospital bills. Kind of a birthday present to myself, not a good present, but one that I needed. Just three more bills to go and my hospital stay will be taken care of. Tasha and I talked in length about what I should get for my birthday. It comes down to a pretty short list. A television for the bedroom, which would be more for both of us than for me. A handgun, which I want, but which I’d like to use with some regularity rather than having it sit in the safe. Tasha doesn’t have any interest in any gun related activities… range shooting, SASS activities, and pretty much just wants me to get one because I want one and at this point I’ve gotten everything else I had my mind set on. And lastly, what with the price drop, a PS3. But I don’t really want a PS3. My friends all have that particular system and there is a certain false hope that if I got one we’d all play games together. But that’s a lie. I know it’s a lie. And I don’t need another video game system. So I decided to do what makes me feel good and pay off those outstanding bills. Maybe I’ll buy myself something later on. Who am I kidding… we all know I’ll buy myself something soon enough.
Truth be told, I’m in the “not interested” phase of the video game rollercoaster. I blame it on the new Madden game, which I realize I’d like to have, but which I would have no one to play with. Sure I could go online and play… that never works out well. I’m a recreational player, those people aren’t so much. So that is yet another reason to not invest in a PS3.
It’s good to be home. Later.

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  1. We would definitely play football with you if you did the PS3 / Madden thing. There are also lots of other, more bite-sized games to play around with (Burnout Paradise, Fat Princess, Wipeout, etc.). And then there’s hockey… 🙂