I See You, You See Grey

Tonight’s writing call was a strange duck. Doug came to it after a day of personal combat with his child’s principal and was subsequently less focused on the writing. Understandable. Halfway through the call my computer shut down. No warning, just chatting away and BANG! it was off. After I restarted and got back on the call I realized that my camera wasn’t working… which created a distraction on my end as I tried to listen, give my thoughts, and figure out what the hell was going on with my camera. But even with all that, we did talk about writing and we did so for nearly 2-hours. So we must have had something to say.
Our goal for the previous week was to have our scene’s laid out. As I said last night, I pretty much had all my scenes. Doug had fewer. The difference being that the scenes that I had were like road signs on the highway of storytelling; one-line scenes that probably weren’t actually fleshed out enough to deserve the title ‘scene’, more like mile markers to keep me on track with the story and let me know what I’m writing toward. Doug’s scenes on the other hand were more like full-service truck-stops on that same highway of storytelling.  His scenes were far more fully realized and more like scene summaries. I’m hoping to have something similar to what he’s got after I build a story outline from my scene skeleton.
Next week’s goal is to have our plot actualized so that we can start writing. I say actualized because I look at my skeleton outline and it doesn’t make me want to write the story. I see the story there, but it doesn’t call to me.  I need to tweak it around and make it something I want to write. So that’s the plan.
I think I could be ready to write on Monday if I was going to be home this weekend to do this outline/scene work, but such is not the case. We’re going to take Karin back to the eastside this weekend, then there’s a birthday party for a friends child, and the obligatory visiting with the family while we’re on that side of the state. So I imagine that I’ll not make it home until 5pm on Sunday. And then I’ll be trying to do all the usual weekend stuff. It’ll be a bit chaotic.
Apartment news… there’s an asshole in my building and it’s not me. One of the tenants in my building is a young guy who has lots of loud visitors, likes gangster rap and thrash metal (and likes it loud with much bass), and has enough bass in his rusted-out, piece-of-shit car to rattle the trunk lid. In the two weeks we’ve been here we’ve had three nights without being entertained by his music, and he plays it late. We’ve tried to ignore it. We’ve asked him to turn it down. We’ve complained. Other neighbors have complained. Basically, it’s making this new apartment experience everything we didn’t have to deal with on the other side of the pond. It kinda sucks.


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  1. RE: the neighbor. I’ve had neighbors like this. The first step is to tell them your concerns and ask them to turn their music down after X o’clock. If this fails, call the cops on them. When the neighbor comes over to complain, tell them that they only need to be considerate — or be prepared to have the police over every night. Also, get your landlord involved. I’m sure there are rules for the complex. If you bug him enough, he’ll realize his life will be easier if he confronts your neighbor.