I'm All A Twitter

Not sure exactly why, but I set myself up an account on Twitter. You can follow me if you so choose. I’m RonnMcCarrick, but then aren’t I always 🙂
We went and saw Shutter Island this afternoon. It was a decent movie, though it seemed a bit long. But it’s the kind of movie I don’t generally go to see at the theater. There wasn’t anything about it that made me say, you gotta see this one on the big screen. For me, I could have watched it at home on the telly and enjoyed it just as much. Theater movies should have lots of cool special effects that make you sit back in your seat and go wow, cool. This isn’t one of those movies. This one is more a period-thriller, and for me that doesn’t warrant the big screen and the theater ticket pricing. But Tasha wanted to see it and I wasn’t a hundred percent sold on what I’ve seen of the Wolfman, so we went. It was a pretty good movie, good acting, good visuals, but neither of us really got what we wanted out of it. That’s about all the review I can give it.
The cat, Rascal, is being a bit more social and seems to be sitting with a bit more ease. His brother seems a bit stir-crazy for lack of anyone to play with. We’ve stopped giving Rascal the pain meds, because the trauma seemed worse than his pain, and  I think he seems to agree. There’s still some swelling in the tail, but it seems less with each day.
I saw a red camaro with white stripes at the dealer today, and I rather like it. But I’m still conflicted about white vs. black stripes. In my mind I see white, but the popular opinion seems to lean toward black. Tasha doesn’t get it. She thinks it’s dumb to get the car striped. But then I think throw pillows are dumb and completely unnecessary. I guess it’s a boy thing. If I have my way, and you know I will in the end, I’ll get the stripes, a brushed aluminum gas cap cover, the extra gauges on the console, and maybe the upgraded 19″ or 20″ rims (if I can find them used for cheap). It may not happen now, but I’ve got the car for five more years, plenty of time to play around with things.
I was looking at my checking account ledger, apparently I’ve renewed my Xbox Live account. Now if I just had someone to play with. Or rather someone to play the kind of games I like with. So many consoles, so few good games.
I spent some time yesterday consolidating six notepads of ideas into a single notebook. I gotta say, I’ve got some good ideas. Now I just need to get my ass in gear and do something with them. Writing seems like the logical choice of action, but it’s so damn hard to get myself motivated. But then, hasn’t that always been my biggest problem. Plenty of ambition, not enough drive. So once again I find myself needing to work on my discipline and hold myself to the grindstone; be it in my writing, my fitness, or my finances the struggle continues. Later.