schoolboyHeartTonight we’re going to see Jimmy Buffett and Jacksone Brown at Comerica Park. We have Don and Lisa and an MRI to thank for this.
Should be a great show, as I’m a fan of everyone listed in this post… possibly even of MRI’s, though, I’m uncertain about my true feelings.
We’re off to St Somewhere.

0 thoughts on “Jimmy Buffett / Jackson Browne

  1. Had no idea you were a fan of Jackson Brown. Are familiar with these three albums?
    Saturate Before Using
    Late for the Sky
    For Everyman

    • I like me some Jackson Browne. Doctor My Eyes and Running on Empty are two of my all time favorites.
      I have both Late for the Sky and For Everyman along with five others, but Saturate Before Using is not amongst my collection. Should I be looking for that one?

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