Just Another Day In The Life

I may have to take back what I was saying about Quick Hit Football. I signed up a few weeks ago and they let me register and make a team. Last night when I tried to log in, they told me I had no account. I have the email. I have an account. To make matters worse. I’ve applied for a new account but have yet to see a code in my email. They’re not making me a fan. I’d like to try it, but apparently they don’t want me too.
Still nobody in my PS3 Madden Franchise but me. No excuse for Kevin and Jay. Denis, well, he won’t even pick his copy up until Sunday, so I’ll give him a little slack. But not much. I see that NHL 10 is out now and getting good reviews, I bet the guys are all over that, and if they are… I may make them wait. Bwah ha ha ha…
Our washing machine stopped working last night. Actually it’s been acting up for a couple days. The repair man says he’ll have a new one for us tomorrow. I’m down to my last uniform, good thing I don’t need them for the weekend.
I’ve been doing some research for a novel. I think I’m going to have to give up on Malach, I just don’t think I’m ready to write that story. It needs to stew for a bit longer on the back burner of my brain. But I want to write. So I’ve been thinking of ideas. And I’ve got one. Just need to figure a few more things out before I put words to paper.

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