So the decision of Xbox 360 vs. Playstation 3 has been made. Which makes the decision of Rock Band 2 vs. Guitar Hero World Tour a no brainer. Since I won’t be playing with my friends on PS3 and since my kids have Guitar Hero… We have a winner. And since today is payday I’m off to Sam’s Club to make it a reality.
Tasha thinks it’ll be a fun game to take to the party this weekend and for two weeks from now when Kari and her daughter come out for a visit. I agree. Plus, I like to pretend I’m the rock star that I never got to be when I was young enough to pull it off. Should be a good time. Or at least that is my hope.
Tonight we’re leaving for the west side of the state. Saturday is Karin’s birthday/going away party and then Sunday is going to be gaming with the guys. We’re taking the Xbox, and tonight we’ll get a chance to practice a bit with whoever is at moms.
Enjoy your weekend. Later.

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