I went to the Motor City Comic Con yesterday. Probably, I’ll talk about it in the Truckcast. But here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Tony, Steve, and me. Avengers Assemble… a little crossover going on. I think Tony may be blind.AvengersAssemble So what exactly is this thing made of? Interesting… I could build one of these… hmmm… it could follow me around and play my .mp3s.Ronn+project I kinda just want to pick it up and carry it around… so cute… Can’t understand a damn “word” it’s saying.Ronn+R2D2 I don’t know what ol’ Ben Kenobi was talking about; this guy was not easily startled. And there’s about a dozen others hidden behind him.Ronn+SandPerson

So because of my lovely photographer, I was able to meet Erin Grey. Wilma Deering, bitches! She was very nice and of course a huge childhood crush. I feel like I’m cock blocking Buck Rogers right here. Who would have believed she was a Truckcast fan.

Superman shirt done wrong. She looks scared. Probably she should be.NotRonn+ErinGreySuperman shirt done right.Ronn+ErinGreySending my photographer a text, “Where the hell R U? U completely missed us chasing Lou around with burning sticks!”RonnAnd of course, the whole reason I went to this crazy shin ding, my lovely photographer and myself.Ronn+Heidi

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