New Door on the Garage

They came and put up my new garage door today. This is what the old door looked like… it looks better in the picture than it did in person. The original color had faded to a dull pink and I painted it a couple years back. Which made it look like a painted garage door, kinda sloppy. Additionally, the inside shows signs of having been  bumped and damaged. When the spring broke, I took that as an opportunity to get something nice.


Here’s what I came up with…

New garage door, new track hardware, and a new opener. Basically, the works.
Those windows let in a ton of light and make the interior of the garage feel much more open. Insulated glass and R-20 insulation in the door itself. Which raised eyebrows with the installers. You’ve seen the inside of the garage: no insulation, no drywall, no ceiling, not exactly the kind of place that requires an insulated door. But I have plans for the garage and it’ll get tricked out soon enough. I upgraded from a 12″ radius track to a 20″ radius track to lift the door up a bit higher, it’s not tight to the ceiling, but it’s a noticeable  change.
I upgraded my old opener to a belt drive model with a 3/4-hp motor. It’s nice and quiet. The unit has a motion detector so that the light comes on as soon as you walk into the garage. It’s got a wireless keypad, which I always liked at my brother’s house and now I have my own. And the wall mounted button has a built in thermometer so I know the temperature in the garage. Plus, it should work with the programmable buttons in the Impala and it’ll work with your phone. That’s one fancy pants garage door.
Yes, I know the windows are being partially blocked. I don’t know what they’re called, but those angled bits in the corners of the garage door opening will be coming out. The entry door is going to be replaced and possibly moved to the side of the garage. I’ve never liked the look of it where it’s at… it’s just not aesthetically pleasing to my eye. But whether I move it or not, it’s going to get changed to something with a window.
I noticed today, that when you hire a job done it takes a lot less time than when you do it yourself. At least when I do it myself.