We have very many photos in my house. I’m not talking a photo book or five, I’m talking about thousands of photos. Boxes of developed film envelopes. Albums of pictures. There are a lot of them. In fact, I still have almost 200 rolls of undeveloped film in a shoe box. Lady Ronn is a chronic picture taker and since going digital, I think she may have gotten even worse. It’s like a disease or an addiction, actually those are the same thing I guess. She takes a lot of pictures. The bright spot of this is that I have an almost unbroken line of documentation of our time together. That’s a lot of pictures of me. And I’m sure it’s something for you to look forward too. 🙂
Last week I picked up a dedicated photo scanner.

Epson Perfection V550 Photo

The Epson Perfection V550 Photo. It will scan at up to 6400 dpi resolution  and can scan film, slides, negatives, photos or even everyday documents. It will also automatically upload scans directly to Facebook, Picasa, or whatever cloud service you prefer. It comes with software that can restore old photos and negatives, Easy Photo Fix. Or, you can use its DIGITAL ICE to remove the appearance of dust and scratches on film. Both features have given me mixed results. It has an LED lamp so it is both fast and does not need to warm up.
But my favorite feature, the one that makes it all worth it for me, is that I can arrange anywhere from 4 to 6 pictures on the bed (I’ve done as many as 10 small pics) and after scanning, the V550 will recognize the individual pictures and separate them into individual files. You have to leave a little room between the pictures, and occasionally it doesn’t work, but mostly it’s great.
I scanned over 400 photos last weekend and only had a handful of occasions where it didn’t properly separate the photos. I’m not sure about the quality of the scans at different resolutions, but I’m still tweaking my scanning settings. I started out at the factory default, 300 dpi, but that was too small. Then I jumped it way up… don’t quite remember to what, but the files were 30 MB a piece which was too much. I’ve been doing most everything at 600 dpi and I think it’s a good split between file size and picture resolution.
Thus far I’m happy with the purchase, but I have lots of scanning yet to do. here are some examples of the scans.
1976 – Brothers

1985 – Family Vacation

1973 – New Home

1976 – Karate Kid