Panda Advice

Word from the Facebook grapevine is that there is definitely some Irish in my ancestry. This comes from those who have had their DNA tested, so it’s legit. And that’s not even from the McCarrick side of the family. It’s not all that surprising, but definitely more verifiable than a google search on my last name. 😉
I did get some sanding and some touch-up mudding done this weekend, but not as much as I should have. I also started a project to build a rack, but it went off the rails and ended up being a waste of 2-hours. I did get laundry done… so that’s a thing. The new plan is this; next weekend Lady Ronn is going to throw her sister’s bridal shower and will be away, I’m going to have everything primed and cleaned up  when she get’s back. Once that is done, things should really start to move as I already have all the finishing bits piled up in the garage and basement.
And since it’s Sunday, here’s the inspirational image for the day…

now i want hunan chicken for dinner

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