I spent three hours this morning volunteering at the Comstock Feeding America food bank. I spent my three hours loading cardboard into a compactor, compacting said cardboard, and bundling it up for recycling. Rinse and repeat. Feeding America uses a lot of cardboard. And given the number of pallets of cardboard boxes waiting to be crushed, this is not the favorite job at the place. I worked with another gentleman and we made a healthy dent in the mess, but there is still plenty to do. I’ll be going back on Friday, maybe I’ll get to do the same thing then.

I don’t want anyone to think that I’ve turned over a new leaf and this will be my new thing; I have an assignment in Healthy Living to do 6-hours of volunteering and write a paper on my experience. With 3-hours in, I’d say my experience was enlightening.

Then I came home and cleaned the garage, set up the new vinyl cutter and heat press in the craft room, and wrote this post. Why? Because I have a big chunk of research due on Thursday in College Writing and I don’t want to do it. Old habits die a hard death.

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