It’s that time of the season again. Time to pick classes and set schedules. GRCC opened up registration, for returning students, yesterday. With one little change, instead of registering for just the Summer 2018 session, they opened up registration for all of  the next year. So, after a bit of scrambling around to put together a full year schedule, get my financial aid in order, and figuring out what I still need to get my degree, this is what I came up with.
Summer 2018
EL 144 Basic Electricity and Electronics (Tuesday & Thursday) (this one is through the electrical program, as opposed to the HVAC program stuff that I took last semester)
TE 103 Intermediate Technical Mathematics (online)
Fall 2018
PL 201 Introduction to Philosophy (Monday)
HVA 121 Metallic and Non-Metallic Joining (Tuesday & Thursday)
HVA 275 Commercial Refrigeration (Wednesday)
Winter 2019
HVA 250 Basic Boiler Operation (Monday)
HVA 276 Advanced Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating (Wednesday)
I still need 23-credits to get my associates degree, but this load of classes will be good for 22-credits. Which means I should look into finding one more class for Winter 2019 and then I’ll be done with phase one of this whole education thing. So I guess I should start looking at how I’m going to approach a bachelors program….