Sketchy App

I just watched my Detroit Lions get beat by the Buffalo Bills. The above picture is of the cat watching the game with me. Which is endlessly amusing to me. The dog doesn’t pay any attention to the TV at all, but the cat seems to actually enjoy it. Is that weird?

I’m just playing around with an app I downloaded from the Play store, Sketch Camera by Pixelab. It makes some neat effects on your photos, but it is chock full of ads. It’s free, but to get rid of the ads and get some additional filters will cost you $3. I don’t think I’ll get enough use out of it to warrant the purchase, but these are some neat results.


In other news, we made the decision this morning to not put the new decorations on the tree. We bought new stuff this year, because it was going to be our first year without the kids or the kid’s ornaments. But we decided that since we’ll be gone and won’t be here to enjoy them, we’re just going with the lights and the tree topper, again. Putting all the Christmas stuff up is a lot of work.

just the lights

I finished my Christmas shopping today. Which isn’t saying much, since Lady Ronn does most of the gift shopping and I have minimal input on those choices. My job is to simply ensure that she gets gifts to open. This year I’ve bought here 12 gifts and have been giving them to her one a night since Friday. She’ll get the last one on Christmas morning.

I know that the 12-days of Christmas is supposed to start on Christmas… but we’ll be on vacation then and I don’t want to take the gifts with us. Besides,  that just runs up against her birthday. And as anyone with a birthday within a month of Christmas will tell you, that sucks. Keep them separate folks.