Somebody Gift Me This

Build the Millennium Falcon

This thing is officially licensed by Disney and Lucasfilm. It’s a recreation, 1:1 scale, of the 32″ studio model of the Millennium Falcon prop used in the Empire Strikes Back movie. Only this one  also features unique internal details, lighting and movable parts. So cool.
They’re doing it subscription style, so you give them twenty five $60 payments and you get twenty five parts deliveries. Each batch of parts comes with a magazine full of detail shots of the Falcon, a detailed Assembly Guide, plus The Starship Fact File, The Guide to the Galaxy and The Secrets of Spaceflight.
I’ve been watching lots of YouTube builds and I’ve decided I want one. I want to build my own. It’d look cool with my Kotobukiya Star Wars figures.  I’ll do it myself, but it sure would be nice if someone else would do it for me.
It sure would make a great gift for a husband or father.