2009 Chevrolet CorvetteSee that picture. A beautiful blue, 2009 Chevrolet Corvette. That’s the corvette I didn’t win in the 28th Annual Grand Valley Corvette Association Inc. Raffle. The drawing was today. I also did not win the money for 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place. But what I did have was 2-months of fantasies about winning. I bought 3 tickets and gave me a 1 in 1500 or better chance of walking away with the car. Not great odds, but way better than winning the lottery. I guess I’m stuck saving my pennies and buying my own…. but then again, there’s always next year’s raffle.
Today, Tasha and I went to the other side of the state to pick up the cavalier and have a little cook out with the family. There was a little stress involved in getting there; a missed turn, a series of plan changes in route, the usual chaos that ensues when we go to that side of the state. In the end we grabbed the car and then split and tried to get everything done as quickly as possible. Tasha took my car and picked up Karin and then went to her moms. I took the cavalier and picked up Tyler and Zachary and went to Tasha’s moms place. It was a lot of time in the car, but neither of us was done with time in the car for the day.
Let’s see, so we’ve got Tasha and me, the dog, Karin, Tyler, and Zachary as our contributions to the party. Kirra and mom were there when we got there. Candy and Matt arrived shortly thereafter. Kari showed up, as did Marcy, and Tammi brought a couple of her kids and her mother. It was a nice get together. The kids huddled up in front of the TV and avoided us adult folks, the adults gathered on the deck. We had hotdogs and burgers and all the other stuff you expect at one of these outings. By the end everybody was on the deck and it was a good time. Always nice to see everybody.
I tried to get Tyler to come back with me, but he has responsibilities at home. So I took both the boys home around 7pm. Wasn’t much of a visit, but I don’t see them much and a short visit is better than no visit. After dropping them off the dog and I headed  home. So much driving. Tasha called and said she’s on her way home, but I don’t expect her until probably 2:00 am.
And that was my Saturday. Later.

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