Vacation Update: BBDRM-1

Grabbed the primer and went to town on basement bedroom one. I don’t think it looks half bad. Sure, there are places where the drywall looks like it was done by an amateur, but then it was. And maybe the closet looks a little rough in places, but it’s inside a closet. And sure the corner with the circuit panel is unfinished, but I’m replacing that, sometime soon, I hope. Overall, I’m happy with the result.
No ceiling until I make some changes to the gas line and finish the electrical. Carpet will wait until all the drywall is done in the basement, then we’ll carpet the whole basement all at once. But paint, paint is next. Followed by a door and some trim.
That’s the update and I’m off to Home Depot.
20140710_152324 20140710_152256 20140710_152310