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  • Family Vacation 2019

    If you were wondering where I was for the last 10 days or so, or maybe just why there were no posts for the last little bit, I’m going to address that in the next couple posts. If you really need to know and don’t want to wait, here’s the condensed version. I took some […]

  • Grandma Betty

    I am very fortunate to have made it to 50-years-old and still had a living grandparent. But, sadly, my last grandparent has passed on. My mother let me know she had gone to the hospital on Thursday; on Friday morning she gave us the bad news. Grandma Betty had passed in the earliest hours of […]

  • 5th Anniversary

    Five years back we tied the knot for the second time. Sure, we were a bit heavier, grayer, and more set in our patterns the second time around. But we are also wiser, more worldly, and have seen what it takes to make a relationship not just function, but blossom.  Life doesn’t ever stop throwing […]

  • Happy 3rd Anniversary to Us

  • Moving Day

    There were days when I couldn’t ever imagine it happening and there were days when I couldn’t wait for it to happen, but ready or not, it has finally happened. The oldest boy has left the nest and is off to find his own way in the world. He’s off to a new city, a […]

  • Happy Mothers Day

    Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there. Here are some inspirational Mother’s Day quotes and a few cards to my particular set of mothers on this happy holiday. All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother. –Abraham Lincoln Men are what their mothers made them. –Ralph Waldo […]

  • You Should Be Following tAoM

    The Art of Manliness is an awesome website full of great advice on what it is to be a man and how to go about being the best man you can be.  I find their stuff to be informative, useful, and  very well done. I don’t share or repost a lot of stuff, but being […]

  • 2nd Year, Better Than the 1st

    I’m back-filling this one, not because I forgot, but because I didn’t have time to put anything up on the actual date. I was busy spending time with the lady in question.   I didn’t think it could get any better, what with that first year of marriage being as good as it was, but […]

  • Forty Seven

    Happy Birthday to me. Had the whole crew here tonight to celebrate my getting older and wiser. It was a ‘super’ birthday and Lady Ronn gave me something I’ve been wanting for a long while. Glade everyone was there. Sorry that work called and I had to rush off to fix a not-leak at the […]

  • Memories Made 2015

  • 1st Anniversary

    Lady Ronn and I are celebrating our first anniversary today.   It’s been a year since we were wed. A good year. I am happy, I am loved, and I love in return… It’s good to be the king. Here’s to another 100 years.