Topping Things Off With

I’m very excited to tell you about something. Today my package from arrived. I’ve been waiting weeks for these things to arrive. As an added bonus they sent some of their own swag along with my stuff. I’m now the proud owner of a bag, mouse pad, notepad, and water bottle all emblazoned with the Queensboro name and logo. I’ll probably use that water bottle, it seems kinda cool. swag, free with purchase…. so, not free

I placed this order on February 19th and in truth, this stuff actually arrived early. When I placed my order I gave them a date of 3/21 for delivery and today is only the 16th. But my box of hats has arrived… six brand new hats arrived. So let’s take a look at them, discuss the process, and talk about what I like and what could be improved.
the new hat dance

First, I uploaded my logo’s to the Queensboro site. You’ve seen them before and you’ll see them again, but here’s a bad quality resized version of what they were working with. So they took my designs and sent me an email showing the proposed embroidery.
example output

I expected to lose some detail, so I wasn’t surprised that the white outline on the lettering wasn’t included, but I was really disappointed with the way the lion shield looked. Fortunately, the software on the site let’s you change the thread color for your pattern and so I was able to tweak it a bit.
I changed the lion eye to red, because I’d rather not have it in the design than have it look like that. And I sent them a response asking if the outline could be done in two colors, to which they responded in the negative, and so I changed the outline to white and was happier. Still not perfect, but acceptable.

I was happy enough with the design to give the thumbs up on the order, but now that I have the hats, I think that more detail could have been gained by increasing the size of the shield on the hat. But, alas, that was not an option. Perhaps next time I will try just the rampant lion.
a half-dozen new hats

And here are a couple close-up shots of the embroidery, front and back.


I wanted to keep this experiment under a $100, so I only ordered six hats. Queensboro was having a sale on this particular hat (and it looks like they pretty regularly have something or another on sale), so that was my big deciding factor. These were 50% off and I think six hats may have been the minimum, but I’m not sure about that part. It ended up costing $84 for everything, and that includes $30 for the second embroidery location on the back.
These are the Port & Company Six-Panel Unstructured Twill Cap (Style #8031). It’s a pretty light weight hat, but it does have a Velcro clasp. Both of the other hats my wife had embroidered are higher quality hats than these, but for the price, these are not bad.
I’ve already mentioned that I’d have liked the shield to be larger. It’s just about 2-inches tall, but I think if it were more like 2.5-inches tall, you’d get better detail and a cleaner design. I don’t think enlarging that is an option, but it would be worth asking about or finding a company that could do it. The lettering on the back looks good, but I would drop it down closer to the seam. I feel like aesthetically  it would look better, lower. The solid color, minus the white outline, is okay. I like it. In fact, I think I will play with the whole logo and see if I can’t come up with a mono color logo that works for one color design options; print, embroidery, silk screen, whatever.
Lastly, the color. Personally, I like a black hat, but the black border of the shield kind of disappears on these black hats. There are 16 other colors to choose from and maybe charcoal would have been a better choice. Or white. Or maybe, red with the lettering in black. I’m just saying there are other options.
All-in-all I’m happy with my purchase and feel like I’ve gotten good value for my $84. I have six nice hats, not perfect, but nice. There are things I will change if I do this again, but I will definitely be wearing one of these while I’m out and about. Best part is, Lady Ronn will not yell at me for ruining a hat with paint, drywall dust, or whatever else I happen to be getting covered in, because it’s not a one of a kind item.
I have hats! Woot!