Just a little experiment in podcasting from the office for you today. I started recording, and having no topic to speak of, I started riffing on the list you’ll see above in the Featured Image. I found that on the internet somewhere–probably tumblr–it was on my screen and I just went with it. So is this a new thing or a one off? I don’t know. It is what it is.
Also, I mangled a quote somewhere in that audio, but I found it and here it is in its unmangled glory.

I don’t agree with everyone on the left or the right. I just want to see a functioning government that promotes equality and scientific advancement.

–David G. McAfee

I’d also like to present you with this handy reference for the pain scale. Next time the doctor asks, you’ll be able to more accurately explain your level of pain. You’re welcome.

i couldn’t be bothered to stand up, turn around, and then take the picture.

And so, without any further adue, I present you with 10-minutes of my ramblings…

DeskTrack #1: Stand Up For Science

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