D4 Unorthodox Villains

Some villains work among the people and are seen every day by the characters. The present antagonist can poke and annoy the characters until they do something truly foolish. Roll on the table for your villain.

1 The Mastermind: This villain might have the HP of a commoner but is so well connected that they are untouchable. They never get their hands dirty, but somehow control the underground syndicate. They are often ballsy and invite the heroes to dinner or send gifts to taunt the heroes.
2 The Psychopath: Darkness can hide in plain sight. The psychopath often uses a personable and active role like a doctor, bartender, or merchant to hide their serial killing habits. They are often friends with the heroes before their darkness is revealed.
3 The Vigilante: Some people believe they are the hero, but are willing to skirt due process or let innocent people get hurt in pursuit of their goals. The hero of one may be the enemy of many.
4The Government: Sometimes adventurers rub the local authorities the wrong way. A mayor, constable, or other figure or authority could impose higher taxes, force searches of property, impede progress, etc. They may even be on the same side but vindictiveness and pettiness may lead to friction.

Pulled from the Dungeon Hack tumblr

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