Marvel Movies

Friday we watched, Thor – The Dark World. Saturday we watched, Ironman 3. Last weekend we watched, Avengers – Age of Ultron
At this point, with the exception being Agents of Shield (which is television anyway), I believe I am all caught up on the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Thoughts. I like Captain America. They could stop making Thor movies and I’d be happy, Asgard is so dumb. Robert Downey jr is a good actor and makes Ironman enjoyable. I’d watch another Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Stop shoving so many damn characters into the avenger films. Why do I find Black Widow’s look to get worse in each movie and why did she have glow-strips in her costume in the last avengers movie.
Oh, and I forgot, just like everybody else, about Agent Carter… I haven’t seen her show.
So I guess when we finish Deadwood, we’ll have to watch the Marvel TV shows.