Upper Limit

I mentioned this a while back to Lady Ronn and it seems to be an increasingly popular topic for the news to talk about, but how old is too old to be the president?

I’m not an ageist. But, I’m also not a spring chicken just shouting about how the old folks running the country are out of touch. You’ve got to be 35 to run for president, and that seems pretty sound. I know a lot of people under 35 and most of them are still figuring things out, being president should require a certain amount of maturity. But what about the upper age limit? Right now, there isn’t one and I’m genuinely thinking that there should be a point at which you can’t be president. I’m feeling the rigors of my job and I’ve still got 15-years to go… I can only assume being the president is more demanding in nearly every capacity.

Before I share my proposal, let’s look at the age of our next president at inauguration–Trump would be 74, Biden would be 78, Sanders would be 79. Just for comparison let’s look at the age of the living former presidents–Jimmy Carter is 95, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton are both 73, and Barack Obama is 58. All of whom have been out of office for years.

Here are my thoughts on the matter. Perhaps you should be no older than 4-years younger than your retirement age to be president. For me, I can retire at 68, so 64 would be the cut-off. Sure, a second term would throw a rock into the system, but I think we can risk it for four more years from a sitting president. Look, I’m not saying that these folks need to leave politics. They are experienced politicians and would make valuable cabinet members, advisors, and congress members, but maybe not leader of the country. Which is a job that has some rather hefty demands on a person’s energy, focus, and mental agility.