Category: RPG Life

  • Die Hard Dice are Awesome

    Last time I bought dice I went to and ordered a bulk set of five sets of dice and dice bags. I’m pretty sure the colors/styles were random, because I would not have picked these colors. They’re not the worst, but they’re not great. And the little bags were really cheap. At that point, […]

  • Live Action D&D Cartoon

    In September of 1983 I was very excited about the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon. It took all of one episode for me to recognize that it was not realizing my vision for a saturday morning cartoon based on my favorite game. I was disappointed and didn’t much care for the cartoon. But through the lense […]

  • 4,000 Weekends

    Life only gives us 4,000 weekends to enjoy this strange little planet. Never apologize for spending them on the things that make you happy.

  • Somehow, I Missed This for 30-years

    I have a very soft spot in my heart for TSR’s World of Greyhawk—if not the campaign setting, definitely the map. It’s one of my favorites. That may be because it was my first exposure to a D&D world setting. But this, this I never noticed. The lake of unknown depths is very obviously Lake […]